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            Requirements for Testing Machine of New National Standard for Safety Performance Testing of Automobile Wheels

            The automotive industry is one of the areas where test machines are widely used. Sansi Teijie has been widely used in the automotive field in the past. It involves the testing of the body, chassis, , interior decoration, seat belt, window glass and so on, as well as the testing of wheel hub.

            The newly completed National Standard of Safety Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Automobile Wheels will be implemented this year. This standard specifies the identification, safety performance requirements and test methods of automobile wheels. For the safety test of automobile wheels, the requirements are more comprehensive and specific.

            As a product with high safety requirements, the quality of automobile wheels is directly related to the overall safety of automobiles and the safety of passengers. Therefore, the safety test of automobile wheels has mandatory requirements.

            The test methods for automobile wheels include dynamic bending fatigue test, radial fatigue test and impact test of wheels. This also puts forward new requirements for the corresponding manufacturers of test-bed and test-machine equipment. It is necessary to adjust the original design of test-machine according to the latest requirements of the standard to meet the new test requirements of the automobile industry.

            The figure shows the schematic diagram of the test machine design device for a test mentioned in the new standard:


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