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            Secrets of Aluminum Alloy Wheel Hubs

            Wheel is composed of hub, rim and spoke. Hub is a rotating component connecting wheel and axle, rim is a component for fixing and installing tyres, and spoke is a component for supporting rim and hub. After continuous improvement, under the condition of modern forging technology, the hub has become an integral component with perfect functions.

            Hub bears the functions of load-bearing, power transmission and tire heat dissipation. As a rotating moving part, the hub must meet the requirements of light weight, fatigue resistance and dynamic balance on the premise of having a certain stiffness. Compared with steel hub, under the same size and strength conditions, the quality of aluminium alloy hub is only half of that of steel hub. Lightweight aluminium alloy hub not only improves vehicle power performance, but also significantly improves vehicle fuel-saving performance and wheel heat dissipation performance.

            Five advantages of using aluminium alloy wheel hub:


            Aluminum alloy wheels can effectively control tire temperature, reduce tire burst rate and improve driving safety.

            Light weight

            The weight of aluminium alloy wheel hub is only half that of steel wheel hub, which greatly reduces the vehicle's self-weight.

            Fuel saving

            Reduce the weight of the whole vehicle and save fuel.

            High roundness, reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel economy (saving 3%-5% of fuel per year and 1.2 liters per 100 kilometers).

            Reduce maintenance costs

            Because of its good thermal conductivity, forged aluminium alloy wheel hub has obvious protective effect on tire and brake pad, and prolongs the effective life of tire and brake pad.

            With high strength, aluminum alloy wheel hub is not easy to deform, reducing the loss of suspension system and shock absorber of vehicles.

            Beautiful and easy to recycle

            The corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of the surface of aluminium alloy wheel hub make its surface keep long-lasting shiny and beautiful.

            It has strong plasticity and various shapes.

            After many years of use, the aluminium alloy wheel hub will still maintain a high recycling value.

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