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            Aluminum alloy wheels, why is the difference so big?

            In the past, China adopted a more conservative attitude towards the automobile refitting industry; in recent years, although there has been no standardization in the automobile refitting industry, the policy has relaxed the attitude towards the automobile refitting, not only opening up the restrictions on the body color and the front and back surroundings, but also changing the style of the hub (the original size needs to be retained). This is good news for some car owners who pursue personality.


            There is a saying in the automobile refitting industry that "ten kilograms above the spring is less than one kilogram below the spring". Because the quality of the spring is related to the response speed of the wheels, in the current allowable refitting, upgrading the hub will have a greater impact on the performance of the vehicle. Even if the same size of hub is used in different materials and processing technology, its mechanical properties and weight will be quite different. In terms of material, aluminium alloy is naturally superior to steel. Do you know all kinds of processing technology of aluminium alloy hub?

            Gravity casting

            Foundry is the basic technology of Zui in l processing industry. As early as prehistoric times, people knew how to use copper to make weapons and other utensils by casting. It heats the l to a melting state and pours it into the mould to cool it. The so-called "gravity casting" is the process of filling the whole mould with liquid aluminium under the action of gravity. Although the production process is cheap and simple, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of the inner ring, and easy to generate bubbles. Its strength and yield are relatively low. Now the technology has been slowly phased out.


            Low pressure casting

            Low pressure casting is a kind of casting method which uses gas pressure to press liquid l into the casting mould and make the casting crystallize and solidify under certain pressure. This method can make the liquid l fill the mould quickly, because the pressure will not be too strong, so it can improve the l density without involving the air. Compared with gravity casting, the inner structure of low pressure casting wheel hub is more compact and its strength is higher. Low pressure casting has high production efficiency, high qualified rate of products, good mechanical properties of castings and high utilization ratio of liquid aluminium, which is suitable for mass production. At present, this process is used in most of the low and middle-end casting wheels.



            Spin casting

            Spinning casting is a bit like pulling embryo in ceramic technology. On the basis of gravity casting or low pressure casting, the rim is gradually elongated and thinned by the rotation of the aluminum gill itself and the extrusion and stretching of the rotary knife. After hot spinning forming, the rim has obvious fibre streamline in structure, which greatly improves the overall strength and corrosion resistance of the wheel. Because of its high strength, light weight and small molecular gap, it is a highly praised process in the market.


            Integral forging

            Forging is a kind of processing method that uses forging machine to exert pressure on l billet to produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain mechanical properties, shape and size. The forged aluminium embryo has a denser internal structure. At the same time, the forging process can better heat treat the l to obtain better thermal properties. Because the forging process can only process a whole piece of l embryo, it can not form a special shape, so after forging, the aluminium embryo also needs complex cutting and grinding process, and its cost is much higher than that of casting process.


            Multi-sheet forging

            Integral forging requires cutting a large number of redundant dimensions, and its processing time and cost are relatively high. In order to obtain the same mechanical properties as the integral forging hub and reduce the processing time and cost, some automobile hub brands adopt the multi-sheet forging process. There are two pieces and three pieces of multi-sheet forged hub, the former is composed of spoke and rim, and the latter is composed of front, rear and spoke. Because of the joint problem, the three-piece hub should be sealed after assembly to ensure air tightness. At present, there are two main ways to connect the width and rim of multi-sheet forged hub: one is special bolt/nut connection, the other is welding. Although the cost of multi-sheet forging is lower than that of one-piece forging, it is less lightweight.


            Squeeze casting

            Forging process facilitates the processing of complex parts. Forging process makes the parts have better mechanical properties. Squeeze casting combines the advantages of both. This process is to pour liquid l into an open container, and then the high-pressure punch will press the liquid l into the die and make it filled, formed and cooled to crystallize. This processing method effectively guarantees the compactness of the hub, and its mechanical properties are close to that of the integral forged hub. At the same time, there is not much surplus material to be cut. At present, a considerable part of the hub in Japan has adopted this processing method. Because of the high degree of intelligence, many enterprises regard squeeze casting as one of the production directions of automobile hub.

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