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            Aluminum alloy wheels are much more powerful than you think

            I believe that when it comes to aluminium alloy wheels, you must be familiar with all the small partners, right? After all, wheels are now being weighed and compared when buying cars. After all, aluminium alloy wheels have incomparable advantages over steel wheels, which have a slight impact on the appearance and driving. But is aluminium alloy hub really helpful to our driving?

            First of all, the biggest advantage of aluminium alloy hub compared with iron hub is heat dissipation. The heat transfer coefficient of aluminium alloy is three times larger than that of steel. It is well known that the friction between the tire and the ground and the brake disc and the brake pad will produce high heat in the course of driving, which will lead to the aging and accelerated wear of the tire and the brake pad, the braking performance will be sharply attenuated due to high temperature, and the air pressure in the tire will also rise and there will be a hidden danger of tire burst. Aluminum alloy hub can transmit these heat to the air more quickly than steel hub, which increases the safety factor.

            Secondly, the weight of the aluminium alloy hub is less than that of the steel hub, which is about 2 kilograms lighter than the steel hub of the same size on average, so the total weight will be about 8 kilograms lighter. As the saying goes, "One kilogram under the spring is ten kilograms above the spring", which means that one kilogram under the spring is equivalent to ten kilograms on the spring. So, despite this small eight kilograms, in fact, to a large extent, it can make the car more flexible when turning or bending, and also reduce fuel consumption to a certain extent.

            Of course, the manufacturing process and testing process of aluminium alloy hub are much more complicated than steel hub. The casting precision of aluminium alloy hub is much higher than that of steel hub, and the roundness and unbalanced weight are smaller. In addition, the elastic modulus of aluminium alloy is small, and its anti-vibration performance is better than that of steel wheel hub. These two factors can effectively reduce vehicle vibration and make driving more comfortable.

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